Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I know, I know

We haven't written anything in months, I'm so sorry. But things have been quite busy.
We're having another baby! How's that for getting busy eh? We found out today it'll be a girl, and we're very happy!
She's due October 19th. I've been feeling better the past few weeks, just tired now. I'm sure we'll talk more about this later.

Doug and I went on a short cruise to Mexico and Catalina Island for my birthday in March. Fun, but crazy. It was a Carnival Fun Cruise. You know what I mean? Lots of drunk and gross college students on spring break. Naomi kept Holland, and she slept through the night! She doesn't sleep for us, of course.

Holland turned two years old on May 10th. We had a little party with a few friends. It was very sweet. Although the "ducky" theme I was working on didn't work out at all.

Holland is growing and talking and learning in leaps and bounds. Her hair is longer too. She is now taking her diaper off when it gets wet. Hopefully she'll want to go in the potty soon.

Kathryne is doing great, although not sure what we're going to do for school next fall. It's a tough battle. She is working diligently on finishing most of her homeschool classes. She's going to VR at church and loving it. Not much of a social life though, poor thing. Next thing we want to work on is her driver's license.

I went to the CA women's retreat last weekend, it was great. Looking forward to next year already.

Doug is working a lot, and work and at home. He's great with Holland and looking forward to another little girl to love. hee hee.

So that's a quick update. Hope all are well that read this. We miss you!