Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Holland potty trained herself about two months ago. Check out the pics at my Facebook page. It's pretty funny.

We're still here - Quick Update

It may not seem like it, but we are still alive and kicking (just barely) here in sunny California. It goes from boiling hot, to cloudy and cool in a few hours here. We are continually getting a skunk parade through our back yard (peeeeuuuuuu!). We found a new home for Joey last week, he's the new prince at the Latshaw's. Holland is three years old now. No it hasn't gotten any easier. Thanks for asking. Darcy is getting dedicated this weekend at our church. She's almost 8 months old, she's sitting up, eating some solids, cute as a button, waiting for that first tooth to pop through and make her a bit happier. Kathryne had her last final yesterday, is riding her bike and swimming at the Rose Bowl w/ pal Soraya. She's also getting a bit of a social life. Yay! Possibly a job too, Yay! (see my blog for more info). Doug has been getting some freelance work, so we won't end up out on the street. Sarah is hanging on as best she can to stay sane each day, taking one day at a time, and praying for a few hours of sleep every night. That's it, pretty much in a nutshell.