Saturday, July 25, 2009


Prettier color I never did see...

A pretty little sunshine sign

View from the front porch on a cool morning...

Darcy loves the water too

Resting after a long afternoon picnicking

First squash of the summer!

Doug and Holland in our new pool

Holland at her favorite place, the beach!

At Descanso Gardens...enjoying nature

Darcy isn't quite used to boys yet

Summer finally arrived a little after July 4th this year. We'd been enjoying a lovely balmy June and spending tons of time outside. It was so wonderful! Now it's gotten too hot to hang out outside, except in the early morning and late evening. I hung up some curtains out there to block the glaring sun, and I think it's helping keep the temps down!
We also splurged and got one of those Intex pools with the inflatable ring around the top, soft sided with a pump. That has been really fun. Holland is in there for several hours every day. She's also taking swimming lessons and doing really well at it! She might be swimming by the end of the summer!
Kathryne is hoping for a job...not really looking very hard, but it would be nice if one fell in her lap!
Darcy is just being 22 months old...wandering around and learning. She's such a sweet little thing, except for when she wants her bottle. She yells "bottle"! over and over.
Doug is working hard and I'm hanging on for dear life. There are a few sticks in the fire...and I'll let you know what is happening as soon as I know.
Have a great summer!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Holland’s First Field Trip

A big day for Holland, as her preschool class went on a field trip to the California Science Center. We got the dates mixed up and didn’t realize the field trip was today. When I took Holland to school at 9:30am, the kids were lining up to get on the bus. They got back about 4:30pm, so it was a long day for our 4-year-old.

She was fine, though. Came home and played until dinner time, then played more. She finally settled down to watch Jack’s Big Music Show and went to bed.

Here’s part of our conversation on the way home from school:

Daddy: “What else did you see at the museum?”
Holland: “We saw three airplanes and one rocket!”
Daddy: “Cool! Was it a big rocket?”
Holland: “It wasn’t too big. It didn’t break the sky.”

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