Friday, February 20, 2009

Any Updates?

Ha! That's a silly question! Of course, there are updates to this blog. Doug has not been blogging as you can tell, although he is Twittering sometimes, and I have my own personal blog here if you'd like to get updates more often.

We're surviving here in California. It's not easy. The summer's were killing us, but we got central air last summer and that was a godsend. It was 100 degrees in May! So, luckily for Holland's birthday we were able to huddle inside in the cool air. We'd planned a pool party picnic...but it was horrid.

I did some babysitting, just finished that actually. It was some lovely pocket money. I'm now working for my friend Diana who sells Silpada jewelry.

Oh, Darcy started walking at 11 months. She would've been earlier but got really sick for a few weeks and it seemed to delay her. She's now 16 months and very busy and learning to say new words every day. Yesterday she said "Baby", and the day before was "bye".

Kathryne tested out of high school last June after homeschooling for two years. She started classes at our local community college. She's hoping to transfer in the fall to a four year and graduate by the time she's 20! We had a huge birthday party for her 18th. She's driving. She traveled a lot last year. It seems to be her "thing".
Doug's still working freelance. We're scraping by!

Oh, Joey went to live with some friends from church. I just couldn't take him anymore. So he's the king of their house now. Kirby is good, but mostly is outside and sleeps in the laundry room.

We've been slowly working on the house. There's not much more to do really. Just finish stuff. I've been waiting for the kitchen to be done for three years! Ha ha. My patience is wearing a bit thin. Maybe we won't have to do that anymore if we move...

The girls and I have been having some allergy problems. Sick a lot. I've stopped eating a lot of sugar and just a little wheat. I also did a colon cleanse for two weeks, which I have to go back on. I lost a few pounds somehow, as I can wear the cute pants I bought right before I got pregus with Darcy. Who'd've thought!

Can't think of anything relevant right now. The sun is shining and pretty today, we've had a few weeks of rain.

Thanks for reading. Keep in touch!