Monday, April 03, 2006

Walking Talking Sleeping

Holland 04-03-06
It is an exhilarating experience to see Holland developing and advancing. She began taking her first tentative steps a few days ago, at around 10 months, and now she is teetering her way around the house. I was a bundle of nerves at first, gasping and trying to catch the baby every time she fell. I still get pretty tense at times, but I am getting better. Although she still falls down, she is much better at catching herself, instead of falling head first toward the edge of the coffee table. The more steady Holland becomes, the less nervous I am.

We're having fun watching Holland get smarter, more playful, and more interactive. She imitates me when I clap or pat my knees. She puts toys together in ways that I show her. And she knows what certain things are, like "book". She says a few words, like "dog" and "hello". She has several teeth. She gives kisses and hugs. Amazing.

None of this sounds particularly impressive to anyone else, of course; it's all just normal baby development. When it's your child, though, it makes your heart soar when they learn something new. Sarah and I marvel at how God miraculously created us to learn and grow and love.

And now, for the big news: Holland is sleeping at night! She hasn't quite gone eight hours yet, but she has had several six to seven hour nights. Even when she does wake up, she doesn't demand to nurse. She normally goes right back to sleep in a couple of minutes with minimal rocking. That alone makes life much easier for Sarah. Whew.

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