Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Well, as of today our kitchen is not complete, but still workable. Because we're doing it ourselves, we don't always feel like working every weekend on it. So we've been on a "break" for about four months. You know, we had the holidays and K's birthday to contend with, I am hoping we will soon get back into the thick of it.
What we've accomplished so far: installed the new cabinets (after putting them together), ripped out old moldings/trim, ripped out old vinyl floor (two layers), installed new 100+ pound farmstyle kitchen sink from Ikea (a bargain at $199), used some inexpensive desk tops for counters (we can't afford what we really want), installed new stove hood, and I started tiling the backsplash, but not grouted it yet. The sink took us all day to install and then the garbage disposal flange was too small, so Doug had to grind away a little bit of the porcelain and I was worried the entire sink would be ruined. We then installed the rubbed bronze faucet and hardware to cabinets. The handles are super cute and I got them at Target!!!! Much less was spent on that than was anticipated. We also put in the laminate floor a few months ago to match the rest of the house. It hasn't been easy because the kitchen has no standard measurements to speak of, so there are lots of gaps that need to be filled in, Doug is going to build some shelving also (don't know when). It is functional, so we have slowed way down on everything. I really want to get the toe kicks done so it is a bit cleaner, and the trim around the window, so it looks pretty.
I am going to do some more tiling this weekend, for sure!
Since we did all that, Doug and Mark built a laundry room off the kitchen for me. It is not complete either, but it does have a roof, a backdoor and two windows. Just no walls! Ha ha. It's a nice size, about 10ft by 10ft. When it's finished it will be a great place to put dirty laundry, recycling, hang jackets and store dirty shoes, and smelly dogs. By the way, Joey wants a new daddy!

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