Friday, December 23, 2005

All I Want for Christmas

It’s been a rough month for us, healthwise. I’ve been pretty ill for the last couple of days (cold/flu/somthing), and Sarah has little sympathy, because she was much sicker for much longer. Holland has been suffering for the last few days, starting with a fever and turning now into a cough and runny nose. Being ill, I’m not allowed near the baby, so I can't help Sarah with her. That makes for long sleepless nights and difficult days for Sarah. She is holding on to her sanity by a thin thread. Kathryne has also been battling it; she missed two days of school this week and fun with her friends last weekend.

We’re all exhausted, and I still have Christmas shopping to do. The only thing we really want is for the family to be well. God bless us every one.

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