Friday, May 12, 2006

Having a bad hair day?



Hair! It's one of those pesky subjects that we all have our opinions about. Some men have it, some don't! Some of us gals have great hair, some don't! Dr. Laura said that if you don't like bald men don't focus on the bald part of the guy. That makes sense. I on the otherhand have had problems focusing on other parts of myself when I don't have good hair. I mean, come on, have you not seen What Not To Wear (TLC) and they do this amazing transformation with just hair. It does make a difference how you feel and how people perceive you.
I just had my hair cut the other night, and colored too, a neat color called Brandy. And it made me feel better, even thinner! So I am posting before and after pictures to see what the world says about it. The hair is unstyled in both photos, but look at the difference in my face. It's freaky.

Oh, as you know, Holland is now a toddler. She's graduated to the next level, and boy is she tearing up the world around her. Nothing is any good, toys are boring, she only wants to be out seeing and learning new things. Being at home is just wrong! And there's no one to play with at home. She throws toys out of her toy boxes, throws cereal on the floor, opens cupboards, eats things that I'd rather not think about, and much more. The horror! She squirms and wriggles and writhes, even when nursing herself to sleep. I feel so inadequate to handle her after the angelic Kathryne. I wasn't prepared for the fact that I might have to call Nanny 911. Ha!
Well, at least I'll have pretty good hair.

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